5 Points To Tell Your Why We Need The Driving Gloves

Many times we hear people say; "No, I don't wear driving gloves, they don't suit me. But many times driving gloves are worn not only for aesthetic reasons, but to protect your health and to enhance your driving experience.

Here are five points that will tell you why you need driving gloves:

1、Protect The Interior Of Your Car

driving gloves worn out streering wheel driving gloves worn out streering wheel

The steering wheel has had a tough time in its cycle. Along with the seats, it is the most used part of your car and is probably the first thing you see when you step inside. As a car fanatic, everything needs to look neat and tidy, including your steering wheel. The leather of your steering wheel is subjected to your lovely human oils and sweat, thus spreading out little by little. Salt, in particular, can easily cause damage and wear to your steering wheel. Driving gloves will protect your steering wheel from damage and ensure that your steering wheel stays in better condition over time.

2、Full Control And More Security

Of course, steering wheels these days are not made of slippery materials, and Alcantara in particular provides good bare-handed grip. But we are sure that the driving gloves have your back when it comes to steering wheel grip. Imagine driving on a beautiful bend in the road on a sunny day, trying to push your car farther (the road is entirely yours, of course, with no other road users in sight.) Give 100% attention, concentrate and hold on to your steering wheel. It's not inevitable that your palms will sweat thus making your steering wheel slippery, which is not particularly desirable, and safe, on that sharp U-turn.

Driving gloves can overcome this problem by handling your hand moisture. We make driving gloves that stop this kind of problem and thanks to the use of good quality raw materials and careful design, this is exactly what you need on a tight breaking road.

So driving gloves can let you want to be as cool as the people in the movie when a ride to provide you with adequate driving safety and driving experience.

3、Anti-scalding And Warmth

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, it's not inevitable that our steering wheels get hotter and hotter, especially after being parked outdoors for too long and then getting into the car, where the steering wheel is so hot that you think it's made of lava. And because of the summer heat there is no doubt that our hands will sweat more than in other seasons this will also cause safety hazards but a pair of driving gloves will allow you to continue and continue driving more comfortably.

Second, you must keep your hands warm when driving, especially in winter. Hands are the key to driving and keeping them flexible will ensure safety, while cold hands and feet will definitely affect the flexibility of your hands. Most people driving in winter will face the problem of frozen stiff hands, and with the addition of gloves, driving will not be a big problem.

4 Reduce Resonance And Eliminate Hand Fatigue

If you are a true car travel enthusiast, A perfect road trip to your final destination on the best roads.

These drives can take hours, which can fatigue your hands, especially when driving a classic car or when the roads aren't quite smooth.

Driving a motor vehicle often causes violent vibrations due to some road defects and some motor vehicle damping mechanisms that are not ideal, making the driver's hands and arms the most directly affected parts. From a medical point of view, long-term shock upsets, will make the driver's arm numbness, fatigue, soreness, and then cause muscle spasm, atrophy, grip force decline, and then serious will cause plant nerve disorders, dizziness, sweating palpitations, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms. These situations are the enemy of safe driving, a little carelessness, will lead to tragedy. And to solve the harm caused by vibration, the best way is to wear a little thicker gloves, it can greatly reduce the shock. Especially in the uneven country road driving, due to vibration and traffic safety hazards, therefore, the driver should develop the habit of wearing gloves driving.

A pair of driving gloves will make your road trip more enjoyable and safe.


  Finally, hygiene is also a detail worth noting. Once you buy a car, people less than a few years, more than a few decades will be and this car as a companion, it is like your child, its health is directly related to your health, you should not take more care of a little, keep it clean?

If you hold the steering wheel with bare hands, for a long time it will become yellow and black because of the sweat and dust in your hands, by then you must feel dirty and dislike it, a long time touch will also cause wear and tear of the car steering wheel; and if you keep a better habit of wearing gloves, dirty is your gloves, the steering wheel will always remain clean and hygienic look.

Overall, wearing driving gloves will make every driving trip more seamless and safe. 

If you also think driving gloves are important and want to try them out, you can pick your favorite color and style at our GSG store.

If you have other questions and doubts about leather gloves can contact us, we are willing to help you solve these problems, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.


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