Contact Us

Contact Us


First of all, thanks for visiting our site, and your opinions and suggestions would mean a lot to us. So here we would show you some ways of contacting with us if you need anything from us.


1_) Chatting online

We would have a chat box at the bottom of the site in the right corner saying "Chat with us". There will be customer service staff to host you no matter what kind of questions you have about our site or products. Usually, the online chat shall be available for about 8-9 hours on workdays. And you needn’t to be frustrated of reaching us at off-work hours too. The chat box would allow you to leave a message of what problem you have encountered, and our services would deal with it within 24hs via the email you leave.


2_) Email

If you feel like having the necessity to contact us in a more formal way, then you may write us an email about the matter you wish to discuss with us. Here is our connecting email address: Due to the flooding communication amount we receive daily, your request shall be dealt and replied within 24hs as well.


3_) Phone

Since our business is online, so the contact through phone may not be our prior option. But still, if you have some urgent issues that need to be dealt with immediately (especially for the customers who have needs about his/her orders). Then you may text or call us for the help. Here is the phone number: [.........]