1. Where are you located?

Our headquarter which means the core team, including the operating members, the designers team and the developing team is based on US. However, the manufacturing partner we are working with is based on HK due to the convenience of getting the qualified materials and experienced craftsmen there.

  1. Are the items made by real leather?

Our company was built up from trading genuine leather crafts, so it is our consistent purpose to provide high-quality products as premium as possible from the startup. Nowadays, even though our business range and the types of the products we sell has long been expanding, we still keep our genuine leather items as the main point in our daily business activity. Everything we sell has the exact ingredients used all displayed on the product descriptions for you to see. As long as the items you buy carry the tag “material: 100% genuine leather”, then the authenticity is guaranteed.

  1. Why the color of the item I received seems different from the pictures shown online?

This is actually the commonest phenomenon while you are shopping online, not just for our products in our store, but many other online stores are also facing this same problem, especially for the dress stores. Due to the different settings of every screen, the chromatic aberrations are inevitable. And this is the main reason why the actual item may look a little different than the pictures shown online in colors. We suggest that you can mainly refer to the still object pictures since the modeled picture may be distorted due to the lights or exposures from the shooting scenes. In this way, we can make sure the deviations could remain in the lowest levels.

  1. How do I maintain the leather crafts in daily usage?

Unlike many other fabric, the genuine leather is rather delicate to take care with. Since the genuine leather is full of proteins, just like wool, mulberry silk, is very easy to grow worms if preserved wrongly. Therefore, it is very important to place the leather crafts in the cool & dry places.

During the daily usage, try not to split water on the leather crafts. If such thing happened, and you just wipe the water off and let it be naturally, you will find that the spot where the water was would be a very obvious water stain (the black leather crafts may be unnoticeable). So, the correct methods are to soak the whole item into water to avoid the stains. And then let the items dry naturally in the ventilated place without direct solar exposure.

After a while of usage, or being stored in the wardrobe for some time, it is very possible for the leather crafts to lose their original lustre. If this really happened, no need to panic, just give the crafts a thin layer of professional leather polish. Or if you are a person who cherish things, you could routinely give the leather crafts leather care lotion. In this way, the leather crafts would certainly be more endurable for longer usage and preservation.

  1. What are the differences between the materials?