Our Story

When the founder of the brand GSG was still an international student at Business School, Moscow State University, he happened to have a chance to be involved into a practical training of thoroughly participating an international trade including various raw leathers and related productions.

During this, he gradually learned about the basic situation and quality of the Russian leather, then find out the possibility and versatility of the leather can be by being manufactured into various leather goods for the daily usage, leather gloves are of course parts of them. When it finally came to his profession at trading, he also witnessed the tremendous needs for these goods when they are out in the market.

Therefore, the idea of making and providing premium leather gloves of his own was firmly implanted in his mind which made him set foot to do so afterwards. To achieve his very first concept of making everyone able to wear a pair of leather gloves when they are in need would be very soothing to people’s hearts. After abundant marketing surveys and analysis, the completely autonomous industry of leather gloves finally came true.

GSG started its business by very few tanners and relatively simple equipment. But regardless of the difficulties and hardship, all the primary productions were all made by genuine materials and delicate handy works. With the help of the honesty and reliability, the company developed over the years.

However, differ from other brands from the market, GSG never attempts to make its products as inaccessible luxury items that would prevent many people from coming in. Instead, the brand tries its best to lower the prices while keep the quality of the products as high as possible. To do that, the loosened standard for the materials is apparently not a feasible option if the company wants to thrive in long terms. So what GSG did is to improve its craftsmanship and technique on making the gloves. That is why GSG would become trustworthy partner of retailers and honorable seller to customers.

Due to the rich experiences of exchanging viewpoints and anesthetic aspects with the international markets, GSG gloves always manage to capture the edgy trends of the fashion circle, and let the popular elements shown on the products. The unique designs successfully attract people’s eyes with an universally applied code based on the history and current trends.

The long-term manufacturing and supplying practices and experiences make GSG very capable of providing high-quality items while the cost being well-managed, so we have the confidence and courage to offer the products at lower prices and the same standards for all the customers to have.