Privacy & Security

Your Security

Choose a strong passward

Use a different password on GSG from what you use on other sites. If you need help remembering your password, write it down and place it in your purse, wallet, or another secure location.

Use at least 8 characters. A minimum of 6 is required; a maximum of 128 is allowed

Avoid passwords that are easy to guess. These include passwords such as "secret," "password," "GSG," or "123456."They also include things like a dictionary word, your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that can easily be obtained.

Tips: Though it's not a requirement, adding numbers or special characters to your password will make it even stronger. For example, the password "rivers2!%" is a much stronger password than "rivers."

Protect your system

If you've entered your password on what you think might be a malicious website, go to Forgot Your Password and change it immediately.

If you've entered your credit card information on what you think might be a malicious website or replied to an email with that information, immediately contact your credit card company.

Note: Don't forget to update the card on afterward.

Install anti-virus or anti-malware software from a reputable company.

Note: After it's installed, run a full scan of your computer.

GSG Privacy Policies

How We Use Your Personal Information

We use your personal data to correctly process your order and for no other purpose. Our customer list and mailing list are not shared or sold to anyone. We will only contact you by phone or email if we need additional information to properly process your order. If you subscribe to our mailing list, from time to time we may send you a promotional offer or announcement by email. You will not receive these offers if you have not subscribed to our mailing list.

Your Personal Information is Secure and Safe

When you complete your order using our own checkout process, we use SSL, the industry standard for secure software that is the best technology available for secure commercial transactions. Your personal and credit card information cannot be intercepted or read by others as it traverses the internet because the information is automatically encrypted. When using our secure server you can have 100% confidence that your information is confidential.

When you complete your order using PayPal, your personal and credit card information is equally secure, as each of them employ the highest possible standards of security. However, your information is subject to the terms of service and policies of PayPal, which may be different from those of GSGOnline. By using these methods you accept their terms of service and their privacy policies and guarantees.

In order to ship and track merchandise, we make your name and address available to certain companies, such as the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL that help us provide you with those services.

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